Synthetix.Exchange is a platform for converting between synthetic assets (Synths).
Synthetix.Exchange provides an intuitive interface for conversions between the full range of Synths available (including sUSD, sEUR, sAUD, sJPY, sKRW, and sXAU). It provides access to a variety of synthetic forms of fiat currencies and gold, as well opening up forex trading possibilities.
How it Works
You can use Synthetix.Exchange with MetaMask, Trezor, or Ledger wallets. Simply connect a wallet that holds at least one Synth, and your balance will be displayed, along with the conversion rates.

Converting is as simple as choosing a Synth to convert from and to convert to, and confirming the transaction. Once it has been processed on the blockchain, you’re all done! All conversions are on-chain, and thus generate the standard 0.15% fee for all Synth transactions that are distributed to locked SNX holders.

If you have any more questions, please come join our community on Discord.