Leave stability to the experts

A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency that is resistant to price volatility, allowing it to be used as a stable store of value, medium of exchange, and unit of account. Partner with Synthetix to use our cryptoasset-backed stablecoins for all your payment needs!
Why integrate with Synthetix
Synthetix stablecoins are stable, decentralised, and scalable.
Holders of the network’s collateral, SNX tokens, are incentivised to keep the value of Synths at $1 (relative to whichever asset they’re tracking).
SNX is on the blockchain, totally transparent, and censorship resistant. Synths are not collateralized by a centralised party.
The value of SNX and how many Synths can be minted are primarily dependent on Synth transactions, which means that use of the network encourages the expansion of the network.
Adopting a stablecoin that is already available reduces friction for the user
Users shouldn’t need to go through the process of acquiring different native tokens to act throughout the blockchain ecosystem.
If your platform has a native token, its value can come from staking or other reputation-based actions. We can guide you on the tokenomics of your platform and how Synths can fit within it.
Existing Partnerships
Our existing partnerships include a range of use-cases such as e-Commerce, Trading, Payments, and operating as a medium of exchange for other protocols.
How to Integrate with Synthetix
All of our code is open source, and our Developer Portal makes it easy for developers to build on top of the Synthetix Network.
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Full Support
Receive full support from the Synthetix Partnerships team, giving you everything you need to integrate Synths into your project.
Easy Ethereum Integration
For all Ethereum-based integrations, there is extremely little setup required, and for non-blockchain integrations, a simple setup is required using Web 3.0 extensions (as seen in our eStore Proof of Concept)